Eat Pray Love meets Highlander – well hopefully!

This is a tale about going for what you want and the journey to get there.  So the cogs are in motion and I am set to leave Australia for Scotland, for the second time in my life, for what will most probably be another life altering experience.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that all women of a certain age must want marriage and children.  Well I am here to say that isn’t true, some women want adventure and by some I mean me!

I think it is a wise quality to have to be able to see when life isn’t working and make moves to change that.  I think too many people settle these days, and while compromises need to be made, I believe that we are all responsible for our own happiness as only we truly know what we want and what it is that can make us happy.  Even those with children I believe owe those children this lesson.  Surely it is better to raise independent people who will ensure their own happiness rather than look externally for what they want and believe it can only be found in another.  Addiction to substances or relationships surely can’t lead to living our best self.

Some won’t agree with me on that, sacrifice seems like it is such a noble undertaking and if that is your view then maybe you may be better suited looking elsewhere.  For those who are in for a journey of awakening and self discovery step right this way!