Birth Life Death Rebirth

It has been a theme of my life throughout – this idea of birth life death rebirth.  Something that I haven’t really questioned up until now.  Don’t like a situation, make the changes needed and move on.  It seems that this is all fine and well when you are younger as people expect you to be changeable but somehow it seems that after you have left your 30’s you should have some idea of what you want and just stick to that.  Or maybe that’s just what I think society is demanding of me.  I continue to question the choices I make which I suppose is only natural.  When making the big decisions in life it’s good to be sure right?  Also I guess I like to philosophise a bit as well – everything has meaning.

I feel like we tend to look at life as just one of these cycles of birth life death and rebirth, maybe with less of a focus on the rebirth part, when in reality we have many of these cycles in life.  Maybe we take it all a bit too literally.

In kundalini yoga there is a mantra which symbolises this path – SA TA NA MA.  I have been working with this mantra lately and it has helped me see this cycle within all that surrounds and encompasses us.  In nature we have the birth life death and rebirth of the sun every day, the seasons every year, waves coming in from the ocean, the rain as it falls from the sky and is reabsorbed into clouds.  Every time we open a door to something new in our lives we have experienced the birth of a new idea, each time we close a door a death or opportunity for transformation.

SA TA NA MA – the potential for something new, for personal growth, to become more than I was yesterday, the rhythm of life.



The Tree of Life

Image from here


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