Two Paths

So it came to me today that there are perhaps two paths for us all and maybe we have the ability to travel them both at the same time.

There is the material path and the spiritual one.

To me I thought that I had to pursue one or the other.  I thought that if I was in a physical reality that I didn’t enjoy then it was for me to change my thoughts around that reality until I came to a place where I was happy in that reality.  I was worried that if I continued to pursue a different physical reality it would only buy into the idea that materialism would solve any problems, something which I knew to be incorrect.  So here comes the tricky part.  My desire to change my physical reality wasn’t based in materialism so much as in following my bliss.  I knew that I had to find my way back to Scotland, and yet I also knew that the going back wouldn’t itself make me happy.

I think the real source of happiness in this case comes from following ones intuition – ones path, ones bliss.  The second part of this though is to realise that the achieving of this isn’t actually what makes you happy in the event that you achieve your ideal.  It is the doing of this – the putting yourself out there, the taking the leap of faith, the following of the path that gives meaning to life and from that sense of purpose is where one glimpses the spirit which one is connected to and yet forgets about this connection, but in knowing that one is connected to spirit and source the drama and stress of separation no longer causes distress and pain.  The realisation and ‘reconnection’ to source is a source of bliss in and of itself.

And so, I can’t seem to make myself happy here even though I have all the materialistic trappings one might want out of life.  But I have discovered that these aren’t the ingredients for happiness and trying to make them make me happy is akin to madness.  Following my calling, my path or my bliss is what I am here to do.  Living my life as a true expression of who or what I truly am, a divine co-creator of expression is what brings to my my bliss.

Knowing this how can one not follow ones bliss?

Maybe in all actuality what appears as two paths are indeed one!


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