The Power of Chanting

Lately I have gotten my kundalini yoga groove on and really gotten into chanting.  Have you ever tried it?

I did some at a meditation seminar years ago and then at an Ashram and was amazed by the power of vibration especially when experienced in groups.  I think I would have to liken it to the excited roar that one experiences at a sporting event when a team scores.  There is something very magical about it.  I can only describe it as the most amazing ‘zinging’ feeling and it makes you feel great.  It is a part of kundalini yoga along with the mudras, asanas and meditation.

The ones I have discovered so far are the Mool Mantra which is used for transcending karma, Guru Ram Das in honour of Ram Das an embodiment of compassion and healing, and the latest one again for healing but apparently incredibly strong is Ra Ma Da Sa.  this last one I have purchased on iTunes and is by Ashana who has the most amazing voice.  The first time I listened to it I could feel it’s vibrational force working on me.  she also uses crystal bowls which leads a crisp vibration to the track.  Amazing – check it out!


Image from here



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