Choosing Love

This is something that came up for me yesterday, something I have heard before but I don’t think I really ‘got’ it until yesterday.  Somehow every time I decide to move on, to make great changes in my life there is a certain amount of dissatisfaction  in life – to the point where I seem to like to have an adverse reaction to those and that around me.  I start to question everyone in my mind, are they glad I am going will they be happier when I’m gone.  Not the best of preoccupations but like I said – I tend to let things spiral downwards before committing to change.

There are two such people in my life at the moment that my fear or ego are sure are glad that I am not hanging around.  I know this is just a story that I tell myself because I have no solid proof of this belief.  And so while giving myself a hard time over it yesterday I pulled a card which said just that ‘choose love’ and in that moment it made sense.  I could either choose to dwell on what I thought was going on in the minds of others and fight a one sided battle with it – hurting only myself, or I could choose love.  Love is the thing in this situations which lifts me up.  Love is that which says ‘hey there’s an awesome adventure out there to be had – let’s do it.’  And this is what any sane person would focus on.

I have created a mantra to repeat in these situations, when I find myself wondering what others are thinking of my eminent departure I think – ‘she may think that or she may not, either way it’s no concern of mine.’



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