Entertaining The Muse

Creativity is something within all of us and yet the question is, is it us?

As a healer I am often judged on my ability to ‘get results’ and often what gets missed is the persons own responsibility in their healing journey.  Health care professionals are presented with a body that may or may not have been looked after well and asked to return it to ‘good as new’ condition.  Ok maybe that isn’t what is stated but there is certainly implication that what ever the underlying problem is, it’s the healers job to ‘fix’ it.

This of course isn’t my definition of my role.  My definition of my role as a healer is to bring forth the innate wisdom in the body which does the healing work itself.

A body in balance heals itself – it just needs no interference.  My job is to remove the interference.

And yet as a healer who practices my art by myself it is easy to get pulled into this paradigm – that of problem solver.  Even when I explain my position to those who seek my help, I often wonder if the pain/discomfort they are in is enough to distort what I say to them about what our goal is.  After all we hear what we want to right?

And so after watching Elizabeth Gilbert talk about the responses she gets from others on her TED talk I found myself seeing a parallel to what I do.  yes we are judged by the results we are perceived to get but really, healing, just like writing is about bringing forth that which already exists on some level.  We are just bringing it forth into the physical realm.



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